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Reasons to Spray


Many people in Colorado didn’t do preventative tree spraying before the latest outbreak of the Mountain Pine Beetle. In most cases it was too late, since they didn’t learn of the problem until they had lost trees. Prevention is and will continue to be very important for all of the Evergreens in Colorado. Not only from the native Mountain Pine Beetle the has ravished our state, but from other common insects and diseases that your trees are always susceptible to.

Important Facts about the Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain pine beetle (MPB), Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forests of western North America. Periodic outbreaks of the insect, previously called the Black Hills beetle or Rocky Mountain pine beetle, can result in losses of millions of trees. Outbreaks develop irrespective of property lines, being equally evident in wilderness areas, mountain subdivisions and back yards. They are always around and their populations vary based on circumstances.

The lodgepole pines are not the only trees favored by the mountain pine beetle. The Fish and Wildlife Service is currently working on a listing determination for the entire range of whitebark pine, another western pine tree species heavily impacted by the insects

The billions of mountain pine beetles in lodgepole forests “have gotten most of it already. There’s not a lot left. What they’ll be doing over the next few years is cleaning up the stragglers, “said Cal Wett-stein, U.S. Forest Service bark beetle incident commander.

Other Dangers to Colorado Trees

Spruce Beetle
Spruce Bud Worm
Twig Beetle (affects smaller immature trees)
Ips Beetle
….just to mention a few of the more common insects

Protect all of your trees, some are irreplaceable! The spray we use (Permethrin) protects your trees from all of the insects we have listed above and many more.

For more details and specifics on each species please see our other insects section under the Mountain Pine Beetle Tab.